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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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KRISHNA’S Indian Menu


Chef Krishnapal Negi’s competitively-priced Indian menu is drawn from recipes that he loved as a child growing up in the Indian Himalayas.

Short and easy to navigate, the menu focuses on light and healthful dishes. Vibrant with flavour and colour, aromatic with precisely balanced spices and herbs, Krishna’s menu is an introduction to authentic Indian cuisine.

Negi first made his name when he launched Tangawizi in Richmond Upon Thames in 2004. Recognised at the time as ground-breaking for its innovative menus it became a regular haunt for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and it was from here that George Clooney was famously turned away for lack of an available table.

From Tangawizi, where Negi achieved a Michelin award, he went on to work under Michelin-starred Vineet Bhatia who spotted Negi’s raw talent and harnessed it. Until early 2022 Negi was executive chef at acclaimed London Fitzrovia restaurant ‘1947 London’ where he found full expression for his unique style eventually hailed as one of the capital’s foremost chefs by leading food critics across the UK.

This summer 2022, Krishna is delighted to welcome you all to Krishna’s at The Marquess


Marquess Krishna's Menus


Papadam with Chutney
£ 4

Mini lentil & black pepper crisp served with mango & herbs chutney (V, GF)

Mango Paneer Shashlik
£ 8.50

Indian cheese & bell pepper marinated, grilled in tandoor & served with hint of mango sweet chutney (V)

Mushroom Tikki
£ 8.50

Wild mushroom cake served with a chickpea masala, tamarind & sweet yogurt (VE,V)

Onion Bhaiji
£ 7

Onion coated in mildly spiced gram flour batter, deep fried & served with Mango chutney (GF,VE,V)

Chicken Tikka
£ 9

Chicken pieces marinated in spices, yogurt & roasted in tandoor (GF)

Seekh Kebab
£ 9

Minced lamb delicately seasoned & grilled in tandoor (GF)

Lamb Chop
£ 14

Lamb cutlets marinated in homemade roasted & powdered spices, yogurt and grilled to perfection (GF)

Fish Amritsari
£ 8.50

One of the popular fish starters in India, mixed with gram flour, ginger & carom seed (GF)

Chicken 65
£ 9

Chicken breast pieces marinated in spices & fried, tossed with garlic tomato chilli sauce (GF)

Main Courses


Lamb Rogan Josh
£ 17

Lamb pieces braised with onion & aromatic spices (GF)

Lamb Saag Wala
£ 17

Lamb pieces cooked with fresh spinach purée ,spices & tempered with garlic (GF)

Butter Chicken
£ 17

Chicken breast pieces marinated with spices, yogurt, roasted and served with buttery tomato & cashew nut sauce (GF)

Chicken Jalfrezi
£ 17

Chicken breast pieces cooked in onion, tomatoes, garlic, spices & bell peppers (GF)

Vegetable Butter Masala
£ 15

Seasonal vegetable cooked in buttery tomato & cashew nut sauce (GF)

Paneer Tikka Masala
£ 15

Indian cheese marinated, grilled in tandoor & cooked with thick onion creamy sauce (GF, V)

Yellow Dal Tadka
£ 14

Yellow split lentils cooked with fresh onion, tomato & tempered with cumin and garlic (GF, VE, V)

Chicken Biryani
£ 19

Basmati rice & chicken pieces cooked with aromatic spices & served with creamy pomegranate yogurt (GF)


Aloo Jeera
£ 6

Potatoes tempered with cumin seeds in onion & tomato masala (GF, VE, V)

Baby Corn & Palak Masala
£ 7

Baby corn stir fried with garlic, tomato & fresh spinach (GF, VE, V)

Pindi Chole
£ 7

Chickpeas cooked with onion, garlic & spices (GF, VE, V)

Palak Paneer
£ 8

Fresh spinach purée sautéed with paneer & tempered with cumin & garlic (GF, V)

Pulao Rice
£ 4

Basmati rice cooked with cumin & spices (GF, VE, V)

Pomegranate Raita
£ 4

Sweet & spiced yogurt mixed with pomegranate (GF, VE, V)

Indian Green Salad
£ 5

With cucumber, tomatoes, onion & fresh leaf salad (V)

Fresh Bread

made from our in-house Tandoor oven

Garlic Naan
£ 4

Plain flour bread topped with garlic, coriander & butter

Butter Naan
£ 3.50

Plain flour bread with butter

Truffle Oil Flavour Naan
£ 4

Plain flour bread with truffle oil

Plain Naan
£ 3

Plain flour bread

Cheese Naan
£ 4.5

Plain flour bread stuff with mild cheddar cheese

Tandoori Roti
£ 3

Whole wheat flour bread (V, VE)